Our discussion nights focus on challenging cultural and theological topics. Our goal is to provide high school students with sound biblical answers to the objections against Christianity they face every day, and will face strongly in college. We do this using apologetics (defined below)Topics are added regularly depending on the current needs.  Teens are encouraged to ask difficult questions. 

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  • Apologetics, from the Greek apologia (ἀπολογία – 1 Peter 3:15) is the reasoned defense of Christian theology. To apologize is not to admit fault or say that you are sorry.  Apologetics presents arguments for an idea or worldview. It can be a formal debate, an argument, or a simple statement of reasons. While apologetics may involve argument, the goal should not be to defeat your opponent. The goal of apologetics is to give sound reasons for the God of the Christian Bible. It can involve arguments from history, philosophy, math, as well as natural and other scientific fields.

    • The Bible & Sam-Sex Relationships
    • Does the Bible Really Oppress Women?
    • Is Christianity a White Man's Religion?
    • Is Christianity Good or Bad for the World?
    • Where did the Gospels come from?
    • Is the Bible Pro-Slavery?
    • More
    • The Gospel According the Mark: Why Jesus is the Only Way & Nothing Else
    • How to Confidently Talk About Christianity
    • Was Jesus Just a Man?
    • Is Jesus the only way to God?
    • How Good is God in the Bible?
    • Is there Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus Christ?
    • Does God Exist?
    • Does God Hide from Us?
    • More
    • What Does it Mean to be Human?
    • Does Science Contradict Religion?
    • What is the Soul?
    • Are Humans More Than a Body?
    • Why Does God Allow Evil?
    • More
    • Where Did the Gospels Come From?
    • Has the Bible Been Lost in Translation?
    • How to Interpret the Bible
    • Biblical Archeology
    • More